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A Guide To Getting Data Science Project Ideas | by Chris I. | Aug, 2020

Your current job may not be in data science. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t interesting data science problems to solve.

Every company has manual operational tasks begging to be automated. If you don’t have them yourself, your colleagues in marketing or customer service might. Can you help them?

Consider if automation, decision trees, or data visualization could help someone in your organization.

If this is outside your normal scope, you might have to work on it during your own time. But that’s a small price to pay if it adds value and gives you experience.

Back when I managed business intelligence for an e-commerce company, I wanted to break into software engineering. So I started writing code on weekends to scrape competitor websites selling similar products, and auto generated reports on our overpriced products. Then I sent the reports to our buying department so they could lower prices — This project helped me land my next job.

Go deep into your current job and you’re almost guaranteed to find a project that data science can be applied to.