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AI in Retail Industry

How AI will transform the future of Shopping


AI in the retail industry is the hottest topic in these days and in the future. According to a survey of the “Tractica” the retail industry will grow from 650 million USD to 36 billion in 2025. Nearly every part of the marketing like industries and businesses are using AI to enhance the product quality and a better way of selling products and convenience for the customers.

Investment in AI retail

The retail industry has a strong belief in AI and Experts of AI have a strong belief that it will help a lot in the coming years for the marketing industry and manufacturing thing also making the user easier to understand and buy items in a very easy manner.

Effects of AI on retail

AI is going to have a strong impact on retail industries by extracting meaningful information from a large amount of data gathered from the customers. It also allows for more customer handling through online bots in the system to provide better guidance. In fact, it will provide customers a very customized web shopping experience

Better buying experience

A customer can check the item before buying how it actually looks like for the environment it is buying. It can just check it by using its device with the help of virtual reality and realize how it actually looks. It helps in many things like furniture, artifacts and many more.

Customize Selection

The best part of shopping experience is you get exactly what you want. In this regard AI also helps you by providing a virtual environment for customizing and also trying the desired thing. It also helps in clothing is which you want your desired dress and also want to try it in a trial room. It also provides a virtual try room to make your life easy.

Visual Interpretation of Product

It is also a very important use of Augmented reality in which you depict the complex electronic appliances in a visualize manual which help user how to use that particular instrument or device. It’s like a user manual which in the past has sent to the customer with the appliance.

Future Implementation

There is a lot of the desired implementation of AI which the market and the AI experts are trying to implement. In which there are Digital Racks, Virtual Try Rooms, Behavioral Analysis, and chatbots. These are the most latest application on which the industries are ready to apply for better business and user experience.

Digital Racks

AI shapes digital marketing in a very digital way. It allows the user to choose from a virtual rack which contains the millions of products or dress from it can select. It saves its time to go door to door to buy its desired item. Due to the congested environment in the shop, it is a big convenience for the user to check all the products online and decide which one to buy

Virtual Try Rooms

While shopping it is very frustrating to check each dress a try room and that process goes on unless you find something. Virtual try rooms to make your life comfortable by adding only a Digital mirror in which you try every dress you want to and buy the selected items. It can also help the makeup industry in which females can try lipstick using the mirror.

Robots For Assistance

Robots can replace the workers in the sense of assistance they can provide full-day assistance without getting tired and frustrated in their job. You can also provide a digital tab or something which locates the desired items in the shop and customers don’t have to look for assistance. A shopping mall can also have their apps to locate the items and their prices on the mobile on just a scan. It’s like a scanning a paper and extracting information from it you just scan and you get the exact direction to reach the desired items and tells you whether it is available or not.

Behavioral Analysis

This is the best thing which is coming in the future, using this technology shops can check the overall behavior of the customer after entering the shop after that you can get the useful information about the customer that which type of items he buy from our shop and also check which item is people more like and maintain the stock in the shop regarding to that data. It can help in theft detecting if the customer behavior is suspicious it buzz an alarm to the security.


Chatbots are almost a well-known technology for the past 5 years. It is very helpful for the customer as it provides the desired information at home and also answers the related questions. Chat bots also provide the suggestion for a customer that what he can buy and is the desired item is available or have limited stock in the shop. Chatbots and human combined can enhance the user experience a lot more and make the shop less congested.

AI in Retail Industry

The retail industry has a huge number of application which makes the business easier and the customer doesn’t have to worry a lot before buying something from the shop. Its virtual try rooms, chatbots, Digital racks and the analysis of the customer make it very clear for the shopping malls what to provide to the customer next time it comes to the shop.


At that time its look like a fairy tale story but in the future, there will be implementations of all advanced applications and make the market very big. The shoppers also make it possible to make this application available by giving desired money as they are seeing how efficient their business will be if those things are available at there store. These applications are mainly for the shoppers as they are the main person who getting profit and also if they had these facilities the customer prefer to come there as per market rule customer prefer the convenience.