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August Edition: Journalism In A World of Data | by TDS Team | Aug, 2020

Unravelling the complexities of modern life, one bit at a time.

TDS Team

The realisation that data is a double-edged sword can be a hard pill to swallow. From unveiling the behaviour of our communities to creating entirely hypothetical realities, our community here at has the luxury of viewing data as a resource whose potential is limited only by our imagination.

Such a rosy view, however, overlooks the reality that data is also synonymous with a world of increasing polarisation and complexity. To the uninitiated, the modern data glut becomes an endless source of distraction and confusion. In the wrong hands, data can be used as a veil to keep the world hidden from our eyes. As a result, an understanding of the various ways data informs our perspectives of the world and the responsibilities that come with it is becoming an essential part of the modern storyteller’s toolkit.

In this Monthly Edition, we feature some of our latest discussions on Data Journalism as well as some of the best articles published over the last year on , uniquely told using a combination of rigorous and creative data-driven storytelling.

From applications of simple data analytics to the latest machine learning models, from politics to culture, these stories show us that data — when used correctly — is always available to bring us a more nuanced, insightful view of the world, one bit at a time.

Yenson Lau, Editor at .