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Automate getting Tableau Server Users with REST API and Python | by Cristian Saavedra Desmoineaux | Aug, 2020

I am going to use the Tableau Server Client and Python Pandas using Miniconda in WSL2 with Ubuntu. If you need more information about the installation I left a guide in this previous post

The Connection

There are two ways to connect to the Tableau Server:

  • With a local admin user created directly in Tableau Server
  • Or using Personal Access Token (PAT)

As the documentation said, REST API and TabCmd cannot use SAML for Single Sign-On (SSO) for example using Office 365 Azure Active Directory. If It is your case, you must use PAT that is available from Tableau Server 2019.4

In both cases, you need to provide the full URL address and the Site plus the login identification.

If you have many sites, to connect to the default let the site empty like this:

site = ''

Connecting to Tableau Server with local user

With the next Python code, you will be available to connect to Tableau Server