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Overview of Text to image Generation

History of image generation

Overview of Text to image Generation: Image generation: it is basically visualization of human thoughts which he explains in his words. This is basic way to share ideas that may be not capable of communicating in any other way. Many hundred years ago, people want their thoughts in visualization and there is no other way to do this. For this purpose, many artists initiated art work, but it takes too much time.

Purpose of image Generation

People have no time for all these, they want a system or any app which converts their ideas into image which they can visualize. The main purpose of image generation is to have some profit. Although, image generation is difficult task. But latest techniques like machine learning and analysis make it easier.

Latest technique

Latest technique which generate images from text is Chat-Painter which uses dialogue box for this purpose. In this, there is a conversation between user and chat bot by using dialog box after that it convert the human captions into real image.

Little Known ways to universities working on image generation from text

Generating reality-based image from the given text details is done in many recent years.  A research team belongs to University of Montreal from Montreal institute for learning department motivated by the artist that how they make sketches by human description related to the scene. They suspected that giving the feedback in the form of dialogue would help in image generation process.  They are working on deep learning techniques like generative adversial networks for image generation purpose

Career in Image Generation

There are many different approaches which are used for generating images from human descriptions. The only aim of generating images from text is to get some profit and providing ease to the human. In future, there will be a possibility of generating image that anyone has in his mind by having conversation between human and bot. It will be very productive in many other domains like painting and improving the photos in many different areas.


There are different techniques for generating images like AutoCAD. By using this you can create your own design. You can also use adobe illustrator for transforming your ideas into visualization, but it takes too much time. There is also one another way of image generation is making arts by describing your ideas to the artist Overview of Text to image Generation.

All these approaches for image generation are time consuming and require man’s struggle. Now, researchers develop new system  for generating images from human written descriptions by using the AI or deep learning techniques which accurately transform the human thoughts into reality based images.

Work done on image generation from text

  1. Generating High resolution images from text by using conditional generative adversarial networks and semantic manipulation
  2. Text synthesis based upon style using deep learning
  3. By using GAN, image generation of multiple landmarks
  4. Usage of GAN at multiscale for text to image generation
  5. Generating real images using style GAN machine learning technique

Applications of Image Generation

  1. Industries of Photo Editing
  2. Video Gaming
  3. Art Generation