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Present Era Technology: DART AND Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence and DART?

Today in our technology Artificial intelligence and Dart plays an important role. Artificial intelligence or AI is composed of two words, where Artificial defines “Man-Made” and Intelligence defines “thinking power”. Hence, we can easily define AI as: “Artificial Intelligence or AI is a branch of Computer science and engineering by which we can create smart machines which can perform, work, behave, make decision, think and learn like humans.” We can solve our real-world problems in the field 0f science, mathematics, philosophy, psychology, linguistic and simplify and solve complex problems, such as health issues, traffic issues, marketing issues and etc.

DART is stands for Dynamic Analysis and Re planning Tool. It is an AI system used by US military to automate and schedule equipment or staff transportation and address certain logistic issues. DART has come up with logistical solutions that have surprised many other military planners. DART uses agents to support U.S. to support decision support system. It incorporates a collection of smart data processing agents and database management systems to allow planners to quickly assess logistical feasibility plans. The Dart and Artificial Intelligence is the widely used technology now a days

Artificial Intelligence Modern Approach:

Artificial intelligence or AI is one of the newest field in science and engineering. The Artificial intelligence or AI goes further still; it attempts not just to understand but also to build intelligence entities. AI currently encompasses a huge variety of sub fields from proving mathematical theorems, playing chess, driving a car and diagnosing diseases. AI is relevant to any intellectual task. It is truly a universal field. By having AI knowledge, we can create our personal virtual assistant, such as Siri, Google Assistant and Cortana and in an environment where survival of humans can be at risk then with the help of Artificial Intelligence we can build Robot.

Artificial Intelligence Types:

Artificial intelligence can be categorize based on the functionality
into following types:

  • Reactive Machines
  • Limited Memory
  • Theory of Mind
  • Self-awareness

Reactive Machines:

It’s a reactive
machine that reacts depending on the present moment, it does not store memories
or have a past experience. This type of AI can be used in gaming as it has the
ability to recognize which move would be the best. And the samples of this type
are Deep Blue, the IMB’s Chess-playing supercomputer and Google’s Alpha Go.

Limited Memory:

Like the name
suggests, this memory is a short-term memory. It saves specific objects of the
past from its memory that leads them to react according to.  Samples of this type are Self-driving, Traffic
lights and Chat Robots that inside of each and every one of them is a
programed-memory, it stores past experiences and hence evaluate future actions.

Theory of mind:

The theory of mind AI
is more intelligence and advanced type of Artificial intelligence. As it reacts
according to understating people emotions and thoughts and it can adjust with
people around, build social interaction, predict how people want to be treated.
A good example of this type can be Sofia (ROBOT).


Self-aware would be
considered the most advanced form of Artificial Intelligence which involved
machines that have human-level consciousness that can recognize, replicate
human-like actions and also able to think for itself, understand its feeling
and have desire.

Artificial Neural Networks:

Neural networks in one of the most important topic in Artificial intelligence and it’s one preferable topic in area of researching and it is being used in any application that currently we are using it, such as Google translate, Google assistant. Artificial neural network is being used in AI and it attempts to imitate human brains for machines.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning:

AI is a broader umbrella under which machine learning and deep learning come. Hence, we can say that all three of them are just the subset of each other. As we have discussed before about AI. Now let us take a look to Machine learning.

Machine learning is tool and technology
that we can utilize to answer questions with our data.  Simply it is using data (training) to answer
questions (predictions). We see machine learning all around us in the product
we use today either behind or apparent.

Tagging objects like people in a picture in Facebook and Instagram,
recommending the next video to watch and a good example is Google search, it’s a
system that we use lots of things related to machine learning. Machine learning
is an immediate application and quite wide-ranging including image recognition,
voice recognition, text recognition fraud detection and recommendation systems,
self-driving, self-parking are powered by machine learning. Hence, Machine
learning is the process by which a machine can learn from its experience.

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning:

Artificial intelligence is a technique that enables a machine to mimic human behavior, deep learning is the type of machine learning inspired by the structure of the human brain. In terms of deep learning this structure is an artificial neural network. From other hand. On the other hand, Deep learning is a subset of machine learning which in turn a subset of artificial intelligence is. It uses a programmable neural network that enable machines to make accurate decision without help from human. Shortly and simply, deep learning is what powers the most human-like artificial intelligence. Just like we use our brains to identify patterns and classify various types of information, deep learning algorithms can be taught to accomplish the same tasks for machines.

Dynamic Replanning in Uncertain Environments
for a Sewer Inspection Robot.

The MAKRO sewer inspection robot is a multi-segment autonomous robot with a worm-like shape which is driven by wheel. The robot has to work in sewer system autonomously.His first tasks will be to take water samples, analyze them on board, and measure manholes and pipes positions to detect polluted sewage and improve current sewer system maps. Consisting of six segments connected by five motor-driven active joints, so it become possible to climb up and take turn at same time. It consists of 600mm pipe and 300 mm branch pipe at junction with the same top level.  MAKRO carries on board all the necessary resources like batteries that have capacity to provide power to 21 motors, the sensors and electronics including an industry standard PC/104 + computer system allowing for an up time of about two hours as shown in figure MAKRO 1.1.

Figure 1 : MAKRO

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