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Super Artificial Intelligence – AI Objectives

Super Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence :

As a matter of fact, Super Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized the digital world. It has enabled the computers to think and also act like humans also AI has simulated human intelligence by machines using reasoning, learning from past experience and also self-correction.

Types of AI:

AI has been categorized into artificial narrow intelligence, and artificial general intelligence and also artificial superintelligence depending upon the abilities of AI program

Artificial narrow intelligence :

ANI or weak AI only simulates human actions and thoughts only for a particular task. And In other words, it is confined to solve a specified problem for which it has been trained already by feeding actions, decisions, and ideas into it.

Examples: Alexa, Google assistance, Siri and other interactive systems are typical examples of weak AI

Artificial strong intelligence:

ASI or strong AI makes the machines capable to tackle the unseen situation without human intervention. It acts like the human brain and applies intelligence to solve any kind of problem instead of focusing on a specific one. It focuses to learn from its own experiences instead of data programmed in it

Example: AI-based Chess game player

Artificial Super Intelligence:

Artificial superintelligence refers to the intelligence that would have infinite knowledge and will outsmart humans in every intellectual field by a great margin. It will be capable of thinking on an abstract level that would be impossible for humans. And It will be as accurate in creating accurate simulations from the human past, making scientific discoveries and launching space exploration.

ASI in current time:

According to Kurzweil, ASI will occur in 2045 and would be billion times intelligent and smarter than all human intelligence today

ASI will operate in a network of supercomputers or will have access to all data stored on the internet. There would be no limit for ASI to learn and self-improve it[1]. Once ASI will reach its potential, it will be on stage where it will be able to solve any type of challenge, no matter how complex that challenge would be. It would create new technologies that humans could never even dream of.

Elon musk said that ASI software will be immortal.[1] Experts claim that once ASI will reach its level, it will rule over humans with no chance of giving back rule to humans

Expected Revolution of AI in medical

ASI in Future :

Various futurists depict that the future will be dominated by global ASI that will help in almost every aspect of the field without any need of humans as it would be smarter enough to solve its problems or perform the task on its own.

ASI aims towards specific goals such as

  1. The ultimate goal of ASI to develop a collective brain that will create a direct interaction between the human participant’s brains. And It will use a brain-computer interface that will treat depression and mental illness. and also It will efficiently merge the human mind and super-intelligence int a single system that will help people in maintaining a level of autonomy with regard to memorizing and learning something and consciousness. And also It will result in a network of self-improving humans.
  2. The ASI will help in aging and death related problems and will also be intelligent enough to cure the incurable diseases and designing the nanobots that will help humans to prevent diseases.
  3. Artificial superintelligence will lead to developing advanced nanotechnologies that will efficiently utilize nanobots for medical treatment
  4. ASI will be a feasible solution to the consciousness by creating a system that will have advanced capabilities to lower the risk of death
  5. Superintelligence will create digital immortality by modeling all past data of a human who ever lived and creating digital human will have characteristics of that person in a computer that will communicate with others in the same way as that human was used to  do
  6. ASI will help annihilate poverty, and fighting diseases and control pollution


Super Artificial Intelligence will bring a revolution in human life but on the other hand, it will have some following consequences as well.

  1.  Machines will be smarter enough to perform every sort of task, and then it would result in a massive loss of unemployment. Most professionals will be out of a job
  2. Elon musk said  to slow down the AI as it would be the biggest existential threat humans will face while Stephen hawking said that Super AI could spell the end of the human race[1]
  3. AI will take control of everything done by a human, then there would be no value of humans as humans will not be too efficient to perform a task so quickly and efficiently.

 Besides this, as I have some questions as well like

  1. Will AI make laws?
  2. What humans will do then if ASI will rule over the humans?
  3. Who will control the military and many more questions

Summing up there are positive and negatives aspects of every technology depends on how one uses that technology


  1. AI is helping humans to achieve that is far difficult for humans
  2. AI has three types weak, strong and super AI
  3. Artificial superintelligence is the last step in AI that will just surpass the humans
  4. ASI will serve in a fully automated way without any need of humans

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