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Superhuman Rights and Artificial Intelligence

Super Human Rights and AI

What is Superhuman Intelligence?

Let’s discuss Superhuman Rights and Artificial Intelligence. Any intelligence that surpasses the most gifted and most intelligent human being is a superhuman intelligence. In the past, the question was, is it possible for someone/something to achieve superhuman intelligence. However, from the last few decades, with the rapid advancement in the field of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and neurotechnology, now the question is how far is to achieve superhuman intelligence. Because the machines we are developing nowadays are far more sophisticated and also intelligent than they use to be. In many fields, they have already surpassed many of our qualities and are on the verge of surpassing the remaining ones.

Current research in artificial general intelligence and intelligence enhancement what to remove human error from our lives using technology. And On the one hand, artificial general intelligence(AGI) wants to fully automate increasingly independent generally cognitive and eventually conscious artificial machines. And On the other hand, using neurotechnology, intelligence enhancement intends to create a super-intelligent and inherently different human being capable to counter at the influence of machines in the next few years.

To know how far is AGI from arriving, Four polls for experts in artificial intelligence were conducted in 2012 and 2013 suggested that the median guess among experts for when they’d be 50 percent confident artificial intelligence would arrive was 2040 to 2050, depending on the poll, with the mean being 2081. Although, 16.5 percent also said “never” with 90 percent confidence the majority of them were certain that sooner or later the AGI is coming.

What are basically Superhuman Rights?

Further, If we developed such a conscious artificial being or super-intelligent human being than what would be human rights, artificial or superhuman rights? we have human rights (e.g equality, human dignity, and liberty) right now, but now its time we should also develop new human rights (e.g equal technological access, human-life preservation, reciprocal income equality, brain-privacy) for an age that is coming ahead. The rights, which will ensure the safety and protection of humans from humans, humans from superhuman, and humanity from extinction.

Moreover, Looking around us we can see how fast the machines are taking over the people’s position as a factor of production. This will prevent humans from having a vital source of income and will increase the gap in income inequality.  According to a recent report by the World Economic Forum, in the next four years, machines are expecting to take over up to 42 percent of all tasks currently being performed by humans. This is a huge threat to millions of lives across the globe. As the million across the world are still practicing and learning for the jobs that will soon disappear. Superhuman rights are essential to prevent these people from starvation.

How AI can play a role in it?

Artificial intelligence(AI) is the single most important thing that can achieve these superhuman capabilities sooner than we expect something to achieve this. Machine learning from which AGI full development may result is making progress exceptionality. AI is making a breakthrough in every field of life, it used to believe that machines can only replace the repetitive work but not the creative work but MuseNet a system developed by Open AI that creates music proves that machines can do everything.

The ML systems like
language understanding, image processing, etc are far more sophisticated and
accurate than they were before. These systems are learning and improving
continuously unlike a human. 

AI intelligent
systems appear also increasingly juxtaposed to human functionality.
Self-driving cars, trucks, trains, boats, and planes, as well as customer
service, bartender, waiter, firefighter, police, mower, farmer, chef, dentist,
medical assistant, lawyer, and journalist robots, are being introduced as
cost-efficient and more reliable options.

What different opinions related to this?

With AGI most of the human problems can be solved like diseases, hunger, general violence, corruption, etc. We can even explore the universe and our dream of Interstellar travel and space colonization would become reality. Humans could merge with technology and can also explore the ultimate question like “why do we live?”

On the other hand, In 2014, Professor Steven Hawking warned about the AGI risk by indicating that: “The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race.” AI control problem is an example that leads to catastrophic results. Nowadays in weak AI, if the system misbehaves we can shut down, modify it and fix it. However, in the case of AI control problem: misprogrammed superintelligence, which by definition is smarter than humans,  can not be controlled or modified system will try to avoid death and will do anything to prevent it, that can go even against the humanity. AI experts need to be very careful in designing and developing such an intelligence otherwise “It could be the case that when dumb, smarter is safe; yet when smart, smarter is more dangerous”.

Moreover, Psychologist sees AI threat as “apocalyptic thinking” of humans. People have heard stories about the apocalyptics about the civilization before them, so they somehow believe that that can happen to them too. In other words, they believe that the end of the world is imminent, even within one’s own lifetime.
Although their views are very reasonable, however, it suffers from a major fatal flaw: their analysis focuses mainly on human nature, bias, and decision-making processes; however, the threat is from machines to extinct humans. The evolutionary algorithms and self-learned cognitive functions are the ones that can go gradually exogenous.

Concluding Remarks

Actually, It is not about whether these technologies should be developed or not particularly when they already have been developed in many fields. But It is about defining rules and also regulations for the development/use of these tools and technologies. And It is also important how these policy issues will resolved, ethical conflicts reconciled and also legal realities will be practiced. Human choices in software development affect the way in which decisions are made. So, with a proper human-friendly and supportive foundation that also has empathy for the human race, it can ensure that superhuman intelligence will be beneficial to humanity.

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