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Technology towards Artificial Intelligence Assistants

Technology towards AI assisstant

Let’s discuss Technology towards Artificial Intelligence. In this current era of technology and machines, artificial intelligence appears to influence human life with exponential growth. With the advancement of AI techniques in our surroundings, current inventions are adaptable to improvements. Imagining the future of AI, its obvious to prognosticate the significant contribution of intelligent technology in our lives.


In common the world of AI seems to alter all aspects of human life.  Considering the different angles of its usage we can include homes, businesses, education, hospitals, and many other sectors. Within no long span, a very small number of items will be unimpressed by AI.

Automatically driving are successfully commencing to their way on the roads, we can anticipate the promotion of this technique in upcoming years. And In the USA, rules have been defined for transportation via intelligent cars resulting in three different levels of automatic vehicles. At present, AI vehicles are at the beginning level with the requirement of human assistance to make their way on the road. Trading companies and public transit systems have also started to integrate intelligent technologies to introduce autonomous taxis, bus, and airplanes.

AI and Robotics Will Come Together

The area of information science has started to add flavors of intelligent algorithms. By integrating AI with robotics, very soon the world will be capable of strengthening their own bodies. And This can also lead to improving the lifestyles of disabled persons. People suffering from amputated dis-functioning organs can have an improved lifestyle. Cybernetic organs will be able to transmit a message to neurons of human brains a will perform as natural organs. And The future of intelligence seems bright with quicker and powerful limbs.

AI and Robotics

Moreover, AI technologies are also broadening the area of artificial lifestyles. Experts have also recommended the idea of a human-like robot with complex interaction capabilities in a real environment. This progress of smart humans is not very far off. With the advanced intelligent robots, life will be simpler in different ways. Robots can be used to perform life dangering jobs to save human health. Even in the current era, drones are used to perform the task of welding for building and other risky tasks, with control from the operator via the device.

Influence of AI in Our Lives?

Moreover, Artificial intelligence has developed its needs in many different house-based tasks and shortly will be vital in most houses. There are many intelligent devices that can reduce the human effort and perform the kitchen and other tasks within a short time. AI is assisting humans to live a happy and healthy life by preserving energy and time.

You’ll Have a Virtual Assistant

In fact, Some smart personal helpers have also been introduced leading to revolutionized world. These virtual assistants can deliver information on different queries like weather forecasts, food item delivery, etc. And These can also be used to control smart home appliances like air-conditioners. In upcoming years these VA’s will be smart enough to conduct a task without any human instruction. For example, if someone cooks biryani on every Sunday, the smart assistant can order required ingredients every Saturday.

every Saturday.

Face as ID of Person

Even more Biometric verifications of humans are an integral part of daily life. And In the future, many companies predict to identify an individual on the basis of the face and complete the requested transaction of the user. Credit card, debit card, license and also ID card all will be authorized by recognizing the face. This will lead to a safer transactions and avoid the risk of bluff acts. People will save time by avoiding long queues in banks, general store, and cinemas.

Advancement in Medical Care

Technology towards Artificial Intelligence plays an important role in medical care. Further, Many research dimensions are open to developing smart software to assist the medical practitioners to diagnose the patient and also treat the disease. This software will be smart to check the sugar and blood pressure level and transfer the data to the respective doctor. There are some smart medical instruments that are utilized for measuring the vital functions of the human body. And In the world of intelligent medical care the patients will also be aware of the disease and methods of care, hence can convey more efficient about symptoms to doctor.

Empathetic AI Responses

In fact, People already observed the effect of artificial intelligence when they use websites having services of the chatbot. In previous years, chatbots were programmed in such a manner to answer specific answers for particular asked typical queries. However, at present, artificial intelligence has advanced the chatbots in such a manner that user gets an accurate response to its questions. Nowadays, chatbots act as virtual personal assistants. Moreover, though it has revolutionized the era, there is still a need to add advancements in chatbots. These can be improved by responding to our speech or actions and analyze our needs using artificial intelligence. This domain can be named as “digital empathy” for better interactions of humans with devices.

Children and Elderly Care

Robots and virtual helpers can meet the efficiency level of humans. Consequently, robots can also become caretakers or can do household jobs such as overseeing a baby or nursing an elder parent. This can save time and as well as reduce our dependency upon another human being. For example, robots can assist elders to stay in comfort, to bring medicine or food for them and to keep them shielded from any type of harm. The increasing negligence and abundance for senior citizens by their families can be reduced by using these helper robots while giving Artificial Intelligence a moral to do good.

Hollywood May Become Out-of-date

Actually, At the moment, entertainment sites are smart to learn your choice and also recommend your products and shows according to your taste. Some sites also play music based on the previous history of the user. And In the coming years of the intelligent world, the sites will be able to create a music files and display digitized performance.

With the progress of intelligent technology, this initiative will be surpassed by the progression of Technology towards Artificial Intelligence. And No one can predict the advancement of technology, yet intelligent systems can claim to be an integral part of life.

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