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White Collar Machines and AI: An Alarming Challenge


Nowadays Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the hot topic of every field which related to computer or science. In technologies AI is the most important part. The future of the world is White Collar Machine and AI. In the coming decade we will see man replace with robots. The technological change can bring about great evolution but also a big challenge. Artificial intelligence design to perform many tasks and used in many domains like Machine learning, Natural language processing, Speech, Expert systems, Robotics, Vision, Planning, Scheduling and Optimization. Its very important for the agencies and organizations to figure out and see the effects that White Collar Machines and AI, robotics, and other types of automation may have, and design themselves accordingly.

What are White Collar Machines?

In many countries like USA, Canada, Australia and UK a white collar worker is a person who performs professional managerial or administrative work in an office. Also, AI can perform many tasks far better than humans. White collar machines are the artificial intelligence machines which can perform like a white collar worker. Advance information technologies and arrival of smart machines, software’s and algorithms powered by AI have already greatly affect the world of work in the upcoming years. The smart machines, software and algorithms simplify everyday tasks. But today AI has access to big data. Using millions of sounds, images or texts, it can analyse data and even solve problems. That is why algorithms using deep learning, machine learning and image recognition can now work on progressively compound and complex tasks, and better perform than highly skilled professionals.

How AI replacing white collars Jobs?

The next world of work be a world where humans spend less time earning their Livelihood. Alternatively, a world where intelligent and smart systems, robots and algorithms play an important role. In fact, AI will have an impressive impact on the workforce, resulting in staff having to up-skilled and trained to work in higher value areas. In the future employees can be replaced by intelligent systems and algorithms. One third of current jobs requiring a bachelor’s degree can be performed by machines or intelligent software in the future.

In the industrial sectors many workers replaced with humans, because a robot is less expensive than a worker and a robot cannot become ill, have family or go on strike for wages and is not need to monthly or annual leave. An automated computer system does not depend on external aspects meaning that it works constantly and reliably twenty-four hours and seven days, it can work efficiently in dangerous zones.

How its Threatens white collar Jobs?

In the next few years all jobs in modern and developed countries are at risk of being automated. Already in many countries jobs replaced with expert systems, computer software and robots. Due to AI algorithms and software the rate of unemployment increase in the developed countries. An expert system or automated software reduce the employment of six workers. Further, In future many white collar jobs replaced with white collar machines in medical science AI can diagnose about disease and health conditions using expert systems in CT scans AI is used which gives 91% accuracy.

Further, These systems also predict inborn disease in the humans. In finance and banking BI used for fraud detection and many financial algorithms used for the management of portfolios, investment risk and oversee compliance. For recruitment and hiring there are many software and algorithm used AI which gives accurate information about candidate. When the job involves reviewing large amount of text human cannot compete with machine learning algorithms.

Moreover, In education system there are many online tools which use AI for grammar checking and plagiarism checking. In marketing and advertisements AI used for detecting targeted audience. These all jobs replaced with AI which is threat for white collar workers or employees.

Pros and Cons


There are multiple opportunities for the organizations to understand about how these technologies are affecting our society and our humanity. Which organizations need to adopt artificial intelligence and white collar machines. Do AI increase or decrease in equality within an organization. The effects of AI white collar machines on the nature of work and the skills of humans. The privacy of the humans and the market requirements, as well as increasing the productivity and decreasing the number of  customers. Under what condition we want to use AI white collar machines and how they effect on the work of individuals. In fact, All these factor are very important for the organizations to understand the limitations of AI white collar machines.